Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Jacqueline Hamill

Reportedly this is the body of Jacqueline Hamill. There is what appears to be a dark figure standing over her body.  The dark shadows make the figure look like it has two horns and an animal-like face looking down at her.
Missionary Jacqueline Hamill has been on the news and social media outlets this past week due in part because of an upcoming election in the Philippines. It has come to light that presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte, who is currently leading the polls and may very well be the next president, said some disparaging remarks about how she died.
Jackie passed away back in 1989 when as a missionary, she visited a Davao City prison with a group of 15 from the Sydney Australia Christian City Church. Prisons already have a bad reputation for housing the worse of the worst, but in this prison where inmates are housed under subhuman conditions, the dangers were higher.  From all reports Jacky knew the risks.  But this is something that she wanted to do.  It made her very happy and she knew that this was God’s calling for her. On August 13 after concluding their worship service, some the prisoners took the visitors as hostages to protest the prison conditions.

This is one of the few public photos of Jacqueline with enhancements.
The prisoners had taken some of the guns from the guards. The standoff lasted for three days.  During the entire ordeal Jacky kept her resolve of a true Christian.  She and another female were raped repeatedly by the prisoners. The prisoners took their turn with each of the two women.  Jackie knew that she was going to die.  But she did not show it.  According to reports she kept signing to God and preaching to the prisoners who held her hostage.  She did this to the very end. It is known that at least one of the prisoners threw away his weapon and converted to Christianity right there and then.

On the third day the Davao authorities launched a raid into the compound and killed all of the inmates who started the hostage ordeal. Eyewitness accounts claim that during the shootout, Jackie was shot.  The authorities denied killing any hostages.  Authorities claim that they started the raid when they learned that Jackie’s throat had been slashed and this put the rest of the hostages in mortal danger. Jackie was only 36 years old and apparently stunningly beautiful.

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